Playtime New York - It's a Wrap!

We participated in Playtime New York for the very first time this month and what an experience! We made many new friends in other brands and retail partners, the later which we will share after we finish creating a Stocklist page for our website. 

Most importantly, however, was the introduction of our new styles and colors. Footies and henley jumpers in colorblock, pants with booties, leggings and luxurious double blankets. Soon to be made in our freshest custom colors - Cobalt, Orchid and Mint. And sewn with the same incredibly soft organic cotton that you already love. The newest pieces will be available at a retailer near you or on our website this June.

Ryan Lafrenz
Ryan Lafrenz


Fit Guide

While babies come in many shapes and sizes, our apparel only comes in six (see table below). Our items are snug fitting; we suggest ordering a size up if your baby is on the heavier or longer side of normal.


Size NB   6M 9M 12M 18M 24M
Length (inches) Up to 20 20 to 23 23 to 26 26 to 29 29 to 32 32 to 36
Weight (pounds) Up to 13 13 to 16 16 to 20 20 to 23 23 to 26 26 to 32